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Accordingly to both the Romanian and the Canadian legislation all candidates must meet 3 important formal conditions in order to be eligible for applying for the MBA program:

  • University degree recognized by international law (Romanian or equivalent);

  • At least 4 years of executive/managerial experience, after graduation (if you hold a master degree you need only 2 years of executive/managerial experience, after graduation, and if you hold a Ph.D. degree you need only 1 year of executive/managerial experience, after graduation);

  • English proficiency.

If the candidate is a Romanian student who studied abroad a certificate from the ministry of education is required. For foreign citizens, after the evaluation of the admission file, a temporary study decisions will be issued by the vice-rector of ASE that will be transmitted to the MBA program. Each file will be transmitted for evaluation and approval to the Ministry of Education, at UQAM and at the international relations department.

1. High school graduation diploma (BAC – diploma);

2. Bachelor diploma (accompanied by English authorised translation);

3. Master diploma (if you hold one – this document is not mandatory) (accompanied by English authorised translation);

4. Academic transcript for all diplomas (accompanied by English authorised translation, if they are not also in English);

5. Birth certificate;

6. Marriage certificate (if applicable);

7. Copy of identity card or passport;

8. 4 Passport type Photos

1. CV in English;

2. A certificate issued by the employer where your position in the company and your responsibilities are presented (also the required period of experience should be mentioned) (Romanian an English version);

3. Health certificate (attesting that the candidate has no contagious disease or illness incompatible with attending classes or the future profession);

4. Proof of payment for the admission fee.